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Dunbarton Blue
Cheddared Bleu Cheese

No cheese better captures both the earthy, nutty taste of cheddar and the piquant kick of a blue cheese like Dunbarton Blue created by Chris Roelli and hand crafted by Roelli Cheese Company. This cheese hybrid is not the result of mere coincidence. It's the brilliant effect of ever so carefully applying several different cheese-making techniques: "cheddaring," piercing the cheese, and cave-aging the cheese. Chris Roelli set out to create a young to medium aged farmstead cheddar with a hint of blue. To achieve this goal, he begins by collecting high-quality fresh milk from a single dairy. According to Chris, selecting the milk is one of the most important parts of the cheese making process. The blue veins are created by introducing blue mold spores to the already flavorful milk. The result is a hand crafted, cellar cured cheese with the earthy character of a fine cheddar coupled with a subtle hint of bleu flavor.

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Dunbarton Blue Cheddared Bleu Cheese

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