Cheese Maker Chris Roelli

Continuing A Family Tradition

Chris Roelli is a fourth generation cheesemaker from Roelli Cheese Haus located just East of Shullsburg in the Southwest corner of Wisconsin.  His Great Grandfather emigrated from Switzerland and began making cheese in the early 1920’s, thereafter his Grandfather Walter and his father Dave continued in the tradition.  After the closing of their commodity cheddar factory in 1991, Chris reopened the small artisan factory in 2006.

Chris Roelli, Roelli Cheese Haus, Master Cheese Maker

Chris is currently hand crafting and cellar curing small batches of original recipe cheeses including his Award winning Dunbarton Blue, Red Rock and Little Mountain, as well as fresh curds, aged cheddars, Farmhouse Colby-style, Monterey Jack, Havarti, Cheshire inspired and Alpine style cheeses.  Chris is a partner in ownership of Roelli Cheese Co., Inc. which also includes a retail store and milk hauling business.  He recently created and opened his own state of the art aging cellar that can hold one year’s worth of his production.  Chris has now become one of Wisconsin’s distinguished Master Cheesemakers in Cheddar and continues in the program for 2 additional cheese varieties.