Roelli Cheese Haus

Roelli Cheese Haus

Roelli Cheese Haus factory sits directly on the corner of highways 11 & 23 just 6 miles East of Shullsburg, WI.

It was re-opened in 2006 by the Roelli Family after its original closed due to the economy in 1991.  Fourth generation cheese maker Chris Roelli designed this artisan factory 11 times smaller than its original.  It was created for one cheese maker to hand craft small batches of cheese.

Chris is known for his award winning original recipe cheddar blue and Alpine style cheeses, but also makes fresh cheddar curds, cellar aged cheddars, Farmhouse Colby-style, Monterey Jack, Goudse Kaas, Havarti, and Cheshire inspired cheese.

There is a viewing area at the front of the factory that guests can see the entire work space of the cheese maker.  Cheese making at Roelli’s is currently in the mornings, Monday through Friday.

Because space is limited, visits are offered during cheese making by appointment.  To watch cheese being made, please call 608-965-3625.