Blue Cheese: The Shortest History Ever

Foodaholicsunanimous: Sunday, December 11, 2011


The Americans

In 1938 The grandsons of Fredrick Maytag I began making their signature cheese from a recipe developed by microbiologists at Iowa State University.  From Roelli Cheese Haus we have the Dunbarton Blue and Red Rock.  Both are cheddar blues.  The cheese is innoculated at the outset and cut and stacked just like any classic cheddar.  These are then pierced about half way through the aging period to bloom the mould.  Salemville Amish Blue is very mild.  The paste at the center has a dry texture like a crumbly farmer’s cheese.  The Americans as we all know are willing to inject a bit of innovation to their tradition.  The results are all over the board as we can see with Roelli’s Red Rock.