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MADISON, Wis. — Seven Wisconsin cheeses rank in the world’s top 20 at the 2022 World Championship Cheese Contest displaying Wisconsin cheesemakers’ premier expertise.

Results from the contest confirm Wisconsin continues to create innovative and high-quality cheeses. For the first time ever, fourth generation Wisconsin cheesemaker, Chris Roelli of Roelli Cheese Company earned a spot in the top-20 with his original creation Red Rock: a cave-aged cheddar with a hint of blue. Emmi Roth once again entered the finals with their Best of Class Grand Cru Surchoix that was named World Champion in the 2016 competition.

Other Wisconsin cow’s milk cheeses securing top spots are Land O’ Lakes cheddar aged 1–2-years, Klondike Cheese Company Odyssey peppercorn feta, BelGioioso creamy gorgonzola and Arla Castello smoked cracked pepper gouda.

“Congratulations to all the winners from across the country. We are so proud of all our Wisconsin cheesemakers not only because of the many awards they brought home this week, but also because of the passion and innovation they put into their craft every single day,” said Suzanne Fanning, Chief Marketing Officer for Wisconsin Cheese and Senior Vice President at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin. “Because of our many amazing makers, Wisconsin really is the State of Cheese®.”

The 34th biennial three-day contest brought together the world’s finest dairy products for technical evaluation and to compete for global recognition. Of the prestigious awards, Wisconsin earned more top-finalist placements than any other state or country.

Key wins from the State of Cheese® include:

  • 39 Best of Class awards, 35 Second Awards and 36 Third Awards
  • 46 Wisconsin cheese and dairy companies won one or more awards
  • Wisconsin cheese and dairy companies swept 12 classes (took the top three places)

Wisconsin’s cheesemaking heritage goes back more than 180 years, integrating art and science in a tradition so rich you can taste it. Wisconsin is a world of cheese in just one state crafting more than 600 different varieties, types, and styles of cheese making up 50% of the nation’s specialty cheese.

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About Wisconsin Cheese: The tradition of cheesemaking excellence began more than 175 years ago, before Wisconsin was recognized as a state. Wisconsin’s 1,200 cheesemakers, many of whom are third- and fourth-generation, continue to pass on old-world traditions while adopting modern innovations in cheesemaking craftsmanship. For more information, visit or connect on Facebook.